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  • About this Site: Created August 2001. This web site was created for something to do.  I had been a fan of Guns N Roses for a Long Time and I was Collecting all kinds of CD's, Record's etc... Then in 1999 I got the internet hooked up and started collecting info about GnR and started building this website. I do not personally own every item pictured on this website but I do own many. I also own things not pictured on the site.  The pictures and info on this web site are put here as a reference point for my own collecting and any other Collector that wants to use it. I built this web site to connect with other fans like myself to give and receive information about Guns N Roses, one of the Greatest Rock / Metal Bands in history.

  • This is Not a website showing off my collection, It's a website showing what you can collect, If you have a little "patience" and the money.
    and if you haven't already noticed there's a lot more to this site than just collectors items, such as pictures,  news and all different subject, matter, search around and bookmark it, there's way too much to see the first time here.

  • I'm not 100% sure of the accuracy of the contents in the ,Discography or anything else on this web site, but they are accurate as far as I know. The information was gathered from fans all over the world. Is something missing? Is Something incorrect? Please let me know. A special thanks to www.spookeend.nl/gnr for supplying me with a ton of cover scans for the discography. & A special thanks to  Marc Sansone marcsansone@orange.fr (gnrcollection.com) for allowing the use of some Box set photos 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 for the discography.

  • I named this web site Guns n Flowers because I wanted a name easy for people to remember and unique in the search engines

  • If you have a Guns n Roses web site and want to exchange Links, or advertise on my site just Email me.

  • All feedback is highly appreciated,  Email me for any feedback what so ever, or just to chat




Email me for any feedback what so ever, or just to chat




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