Roots of Guns 'N Roses
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"Hollywood Rose:"

Roots of Guns N Roses

USA Cleopatra CD
2004 CLP1382-2 Old demos and remixes Buy now

1. Killing Time [Original Demo Version] 
2. Anything Goes [Original Demo Version] 
3. Rocker [Original Demo Version] 
4. Shadow of Your Love [Original Demo Version] 
5. Reckless Life [Original Demo Version]    
6. Killing Time [Remix] 
7. Anything Goes [Remix] 
8. Rocker [Remix] 
9. Shadow of Your Love [Remix] - Tracii Guns 
10. Reckless Life [Remix] - Tracii Guns 
11. Killing Time [Remix] 
12. Anything Goes [Remix] 
13. Rocker [Remix] 
14. Shadow of Your Love [Remix] 
15. Reckless Life [Remix] 

Album Description
No other decade in the history of civilization symbolized the glamorous, sleazy, over-the-top party rock lifestyle like the 1980s! No band on earth represents said excess better than the legendary Guns N' Roses. This collection of rare demo tracks from Axl, Izzy & crew has long been rumored to be the holy grail of glam rock - the genesis of screams & riffs that would eventually evolve into the most massive offering of the period - the mighty 'Appetite!' Now, with the help of Rose alum, Chris Weber, fans & collectors can own these mythic, raw (yet surprisingly well recorded) demos of this pre-G N'R band for the first time ever on CD! As an added bonus, the songs are polished with a modern production compliments of former Gunner Gilby Clarke, Cinderella skinsman, Fred Coury & the man who brought the Guns to Guns N' Roses...Tracii Guns! ROCK ON!

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