My Guns N' Roses, Bootlegs Want List


 See My GnR Bootlegs I have to trade

I will trade copies for discs that I don't have, on occasions.
I am only looking for Top Quality Shows or Demos,
not tracks you can't hear.....or dvds you can't see.

    check out the guide to Pro-shot dvd's

    CD shows (currently looking for)
    any top quality show I don't have

    DVD shows (currently looking for these)
    Any high quality gnr DVD show I don't have, preferably pro shot.
    I will consider other bands on for trade on occasions.

    I'm always looking  HIGH Quality gnr DEMO'S too


    How I trade/Rules
    1. I can give copies of cd-r's or dvd-r's..or zip files or flacs.
    2. Sorry I do not sell copies of my shows... I only trade.
    3. please do not ask me to sell copies, You must have something I want to trade for,  & you must send you trade first.
    4. please include track list and recording date and location, and whether your bootleg was downloaded or a direct cd copy from the source.


    DIGITAL VIDEO TRADING TOOLS - great video editing & conversion software - not free - free converter - DVD to MKV file format

    Youtube download youtube video to MP4 - download youtube Audio to MP3


    THANK YOU !!!!

    Metallica DVD Trades - great trader


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